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Calibration of Measuring Instruments

A specific organization in charge of calibrating the equipment at our laboratory or at customers' labs is able to perform systematic controls on calibrations at low costs, especially in geotechnical laboratories where there is a large number of survey instruments.

Training Courses for Geotechnicians

Training technicians who are able to successfully perform tests is an active sector, qualified through long work experience. Our qualification courses are held at our head office for a number of 3-5 persons or they can also be delivered at the premises of the applicant company. At the end of the course we will provide a certification and the educational material, as well as a 50% discount on processing and certification programs.

Equipment Maintenance, Repair, and Modification

Qualified interventions have enabled remarkable developments in this field, our customers have achieved significant cost savings by only modifying existing equipment (e.g. , equipment of the company "Belladonna" ).